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„LED lighting and illumination control systems use advanced electronic, telecommunications  and IT technologies ……

….we have more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of technologically advanced Polish ICT solutions, which have been operating without defects world-wide”


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elektronikaSILED Sp. z o. o. is a manufacturer of  Intelligent LED Lighting Systems. Our good and polish products are of the highest, world-level quality and include energy-effective solutions dedicated for those who seek a more efficient and functional lighting infrastructure which is safe and comfortable for the users. The system has been designed with reliance on polish technological innovations and is manufactured in the Electronic Plants Complex of the "Techno-Service" S.A. Group  

SILED history

In 2008, the WiComm Centre of Excellence at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics of the Technical University of Gdańsk, and the Techno Service S.A Group started working together to develop an energy-saving  and environmentally friendly electronic intelligent lighting system. Two years later, in 2010, after a successful transfer of polish expertise, a spin-off company, called SILED, was created to implement and commercialise the product. Today, over 1000 SILED luminaires light public and private spaces in a reliable and problem-free manner. We continuously focus on developing Polish technologies and good SILED solutions, helped, amongst others, by PLN 8 million in EU grants. In May 2013, at a ceremony Janusz Piechociński, Vice-Prime Minister, officially opened a new, unique 100% Polish-owned factory with an area of 6000m2, more than 300 jobs, and the production output of over 60 thousand luminaires a year – we are ready to handle large public and private projects.

SILED offering

SILED offers six families of electronic luminaires which are designed for outdoor and indoor applications (such as roads, streets, car parks, parks, storage sites, industrial buildings, logistic centres, office buildings, shopping centres) and which are individually configurable to suit various project requirements. Wireless communication modules and functional software enable easy management of lighting from any location in the world, and the SILED lighting blends in ideally with the “Smart Grid” and the “Smart City” concepts. Furthermore, the system stands out for its functionality  - the intelligence of luminaires maximises the cost-effectiveness of the infrastructure.

SILED’s own development centre                                 

biuro badawczeOne of the SILED’s assets is their own development centre which, working together with the Technical University of Gdansk and the Academy of Fine Arts, is constantly designing and upgrading the solutions being offered to customers. Our good products are among the very few that are approved and certified by specialised polish research centres (The Technical Universities of Białostok, Łódż and Warszawa). The primary aim and, at the same time, mission of our designers is to develop solutions that would bring the greatest economic benefits to, and fit the budget of our customers. For over 5 years, we have been active  following the European trends described in a document dated 2011 entitled “The Green Book  -  Lighting of the Future”.

Time-tested solutions

Good and European SILED products have been time-tested in many projects since 2008. In August 2011, we installed a pilot LED lighting system, as the first of this class in Poland, at the Kowale Junction (the Tricity Ring Road). The system operates trouble-free and saves 54% of electrical energy – showing that our products more than fulfil the requirements of the NFOŚiGW–SOWA competition for the reduction of the environmental effect.  An upgrade of the car park at the FASHION HOUSE in Gdańsk-Szadółki, where the time of return from the investment was less than 2,5 years, or educational lighting in a part of the Technical University campus in Gdańsk is also worth noting. Lighting standards that keep coming into effect will enable the existing SILED systems to achieve additional savings of as much as several dozen percent points.

Origins of Siled Sp. z o.o.

SILED Sp. z o.o. is one of the autonomous and independent companies trading on disjoint markets and forming the Techno-Service S.A Group, all of which share a common origin, namely Techno-Service S.A. We have an extensive ICT manufacturing base and many years of experience in technologically advanced electronic installations and the manufacture of printed circuits (Printed Circuit Manufacturer and the TSTronic Ecological Assembly). We also specialise in creating state-of-the-art customised specialist software. Furthermore the Group operates in the area of environmental protection, staff leasing and financial and staffing services. Its mission is to carry the slogan “Quality, no other way” into practical effect, which means the “on time” manufacturing of the highest quality products only from components made by renowned manufacturers, while remaining in compliance with the restrictive environmental standards and using the most recent technologies and business tools. For this reason, many Polish and international firms and concerns have already trusted us and  the SILED system has received many commendations including the “Teraz Polska” emblem. 

The Techno Service S.A. Group in numbers

• Sales exceeding PLN 90 million;
• 25 000 m2 of printed circuit boards manufactured per year
• One PCB mounted every 15 seconds
• 27 000 m2 of land owned in Gdańsk,
• 10 000 m2 of modern production floors,
• 2 000  m2 modern-equipped office spaces,
• INTRANET – own DATA  CENTER, broadband access,
• 700 permanent employees, more than 10 000 contingent workers,
• 100 % Polish-owned, 70% owned by members of the Management Board.
Strategy of the Techno Service S.A. Group
“Innovations, technology transfer, action through expertise”



Strategy of the Techno Service S.A. Group
“Innovations, technology transfer, action through expertise”

• A systematic co-operation with universities and research institutes (R&D), Active participation in innovation networks and clusters 
• Own research & development centres,
• Use of technology transfer tools as a source of self-development,
• Competence, development and motivation of employees -  hiring and training of highly qualified staff,
• Breaking down of barriers, e-business, e-learning, WEB 2.0,
• Business Angel, promoting entrepreneurship,  incubator of high-tech companies, spin-off companies.


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