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We would like to inform you that SILED Sp z o.o. is constructing the EU co-funded project 
“Intelligent LED lighting system for industrial applications”

Innovative Economy Operational Programme, years 2007-2013, Contract UDA-POIG.01.04.00-22-074/09-00; UDA-POIG.04.01.00-22-074/09-00 for the award of EU grants was concluded on 22nd July 2010.

The target project completion date is 30.09.2015.

The Project consists of the following two phases:

1) Project Phase I covered the full scope of works required for industrial research and experimental development as provided for in the EU funding application – it was successfully completed on 29.02.2012

2) Project Phase II covered the full scope of works required to use the results of the industrial research and experimental development achieved in Project Phase I in the company’s economic activities, as provided for in the funding application. These works will be completed not later than on 30.09.2015

The aim of the project is the development of industrial applications for the LED Intelligent Lighting System, which will be innovative on a European scale. Research is directed strictly towards the areas associated with an intelligent industrial lighting system interfaced with an indoor location tracker system and subsystems that draw on the wireless infrastructure created by LED lamps. SILED is working to combine the following three state-of-the-art technologies:

• highly efficient white LED lighting,

• intelligent control algorithms based on artificial neural networks, and

• fuzzy logic and state-of-the art wireless networking

For more information visit POIG web pages:


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We would like to inform you that SILED Sp z o.o. is building the project „The creation of a research centre and the implementation and commercialisation of innovative, LED luminaires together with an intelligent public lighting control system”, which is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund As part of measure 1.2 of the Regional Operational Programme for the Pomeranian province for 2007-2013, Contract No. UDA-RPPM.01.02.00-00-226/09-00 for the award of EU grants was concluded on 30.12.2010.

The target date for the completion of the project will be 30.06.2013. The project includes:

1.  Investment activities to achieve the following two primary objectives:

• the creation of a research & development centre,

• the purchase of a manufacturing line

  1. The detailed scope of the investment includes::
  2. a research & development centre:

• measurement instrumentation for light distribution patterns • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measurement instruments • testing instrumentation for ZigBee networks • a software debugging station • a station for the design and simulation of electronic devices

  1. Manufacturing line:

• an SMT line • instruments for the testing and calibration of the manufacturing process • equipment for  assembly workers



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Please be informed that SILED Sp z o.o. has completed a project co-financed with the use of EU funds, entitled:
“The preparation of an export development plan for Siled Sp. z o.o. as a chance for entry into new markets”

As part of Phase I Activities 6.1 Passport to export, Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007-2013,
The UDA-POIG.06.01.00-22-066/11-00 project subsidy contract was entered into on 11th October 2011.

The project was completed in 2012.

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