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The Intelligent SILED lighting System consisting of state-of-the-art LED luminaires integrated with a wireless intelligent control system makes it possible to achieve a significant positive environmental effect. SILED luminaires don't emit harmful UV or IR radiation. They are manufactured without the use of lead or mercury which are injurious to health. All the component parts of the lamps may be recycled after the end of their useful life.  It is worth noting that a significant reduction in electricity consumption reduces carbon emissions in its wake, and that’s why SILED solutions blend in ideally with the global pro-environmental policies, including subsidy schemes which support environmentally-friendly investments.

Furthermore, savings may be used to finance upgrades of lighting systems or be used for other purposes. SILED system functionalities are an ideal tool enabling one to monitor investment paybacks, any changes or adjustments in financing condsitions during the investment payback period.  The modernisation or upgrade of a lighting system reduces susceptibility to failure and lighting maintenance costs.

1253468 40863651The high quality and energy savings of the system have been confirmed by the pilot upgrade of the lighting system on the national route (Kowale junction – Triccity Ring Road) which was completed in August 2011 and which was co-financed and verified by the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Gdańsk. The upgrade included the replacement of 100 high pressure sodium lamps (HPS) for LED luminaires integrated with a wireless intelligent control system. The installation has been working problem-free for many months, and the direct environmental effect which was achieved during the first year of operation included 54% cost savings on the usage of electrical energy as compared to the initial consumption - CO2 emissions were reduced by 43,5 tonnes. At the same time, traffic safety improved as a result of better lighting quality and intelligent systems enabled the remote monitoring and selection of lighting parameters. In the near future, in connection with the new European standards regarding the lighting classes, which are now in the process of being established, the LED lighting system which has been installed at the Kowale junction will enable even greater savings in the order of several ten percentage points.

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WFOŚiGW przygotowuje się do programu SOWA wspólnie z firmą SILED

WFOŚiGW przygotowuje się do programu SOWA wspólnie z firmą SILED


Pilotażowa modernizacja oświetlenia

System Inteligentnego Oświetlenia LED-owego SILED, składający się z nowoczesnych opraw LED-owych, zintegrowanych z bezprzewodowym i inteligentnym systemem sterowania pozwala na spełnienie (a nawet znacznie przewyższenie) wymogów dotyczących efektu ekologicznego określonego w konkursie:
• Minimalne ograniczenie emisji CO2 o 40% w wyniku realizacji przedsięwzięcia;
• Minimalne ograniczenie emisji CO2 o 250 Mg/rok w wyniku realizacji przedsięwzięcia.

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Siled oświetli ulice Radomia

SOWA Radom


Siled oświetli ulice Radomia w ramach programu SOWA


 Firma SILED jest dostawcą opraw oświetlenia LED-owego dla inwestycji modernizacji oświetlenia miasta Radomia, pod patronatem finansowym programu rządowego SOWA.

Generalnym Wykonawcą modernizacji jest mazowiecka firma Mawilux, która jest jednym z  wiodących wykonawców krajowych w zakresie drogowej infrastruktury oświetleniowej i energetycznej.

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